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Air Conditioner Installation, Repair and Service in Louisville, KY

Today’s air conditioners are more comfortable and efficient then ever. Whatever size your home, whenever you need cool, comfortable, cleaner air, we’re dedicated to providing the very best investment you can make in ensuring the comfort of you and your family.

A Trane central air conditioner allows you to rest comfortably day or night while eliminating the worry about your next utility bill. Each of our central air conditioning systems are designed to give you a cooler, happier life. So whether you’re hosting a summer get together or having a movie night in, you can relax peacefully knowing your home cooling needs are backed by a Trane air conditioner.

Air Conditioner Installation

The benefits of owning a Trane central air conditioning unit do not end after installation. Each AC unit is backed with a Trane warranty, guaranteeing a cooler, more comfortable home year round.

Air Conditioner Service & Repair

DFH Company services and repairs most air conditioner models. Whether you are interested in a seasonal cleaning or a full on repair, we are here for you. Within the Louisville, KY Metropolitan area? Give DFH Company a call or get a free estimate.

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